Does Stress Affect Hair and Skin’s Health? Read on

Does Stress Affect Hair and Skin’s Health?

Scientists have proven that stress can harm your skin and hair. The purpose of this write-up is to provide important information and steps you can take to alleviate your stress levels and enhance your beauty.

How does Skin react to Stress?

You might have heard about skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, and Acne. All such conditions are triggered by our emotional ups and downs.

It is not just the above-mentioned conditions, as stress can lead to your skin ageing rather quickly. Whenever we are under stress, cortisol (a stress hormone) is released, which prompts your skin to produce sebum (an oily secretion). The oil then clogs the pores and causes inflammation of the skin.

How is Stress and Hair loss related?

Stress indirectly affects your skin as well. People tend to eat fast food and highly processed foods containing sugar, starch, and chemicals, to alleviate their stress levels. They do it out of craving and generally find it difficult to resist the temptation. But the after effect is: your skin quality worsens.

There is an interesting fact that you must know. Our Hair is the first thing to suffer from any stress or shock, and the last to benefit when conditions improve.

The reason is: hair is not exactly essential to our survival, so our body naturally gives priority to its essential organs and tissues, keeping them healthy and vigorous.

When you are under stress, testosterone is secreted in excess, which results in hair loss and thinning.

Also, consuming processed food (which is nothing but poor nutrition) when you are under stress, leads to hair loss especially women.

Tips to Alleviate Stress Levels

You can’t eradicate stress from your life. That’s very hard to achieve. But you can manage it for sure. Spending some “Me time” has worked wonders for people.

Here are a Few Tips: 

  • Staying Active and Positive is the Key

The purpose of remaining active throughout the day is to distribute your emotional energies, which can help you get rid of cluttered thoughts and resolve your issues more calmly. 

You can also write down three things or events that went well for you at the end of every day, to start your next day on a positive note.

  • Not everything is in your Hands. Accept this simple Truth

It is not healthy to always be in confrontational or conflicting situations. Just remember, not everything is in your hands. For instance, there is no point in stressing over the current policies in your company and the existing management. Instead, focus on things that you can control such as finding a solution and if it is impossible, looking for a new job.

  • Sleep is the best Tonic for your Skin

We have mentioned about cortisol’s action in case of stress. But if you complete your quota of sleep, then the hormone levels decrease. This allows your skin to rejuvenate.

On the contrary, if your sleeping patterns are topsy-turvy, then it adds up to your stress and anxiety levels, thus pushing you into a vicious spiral.

There are body lotions that you can use to soothe your senses and sleep better. They contain ingredients like lavender, clary sage, and frankincense, that produce stress-relieving aroma.

When the aroma molecules are inhaled, an electric impulse is sent to the limbic part of the brain and hypothalamus. This results in a physiological change in the body and the stress levels are regulated.

If you can’t sleep well or if you suffer of anxiety or insomnia, it is very useful to practice Yoga or to refer to a specialist for an Acupuncture Treatment that is very useful in these cases.

Your beauty enhanced when you work on yourself. We at Luxury Beauty Room want people to be the best version of themselves, not just from outward appearance but from within. We selected and trained for you caring therapists who provide best in class therapies and Body Treatments in order to give you a healthier you.

We hope this write-up was useful and will help you to achieve improvements!


Bridal beauty preparation

Your wedding day is your time to look beautiful and should be the best day of your life. The key to looking your out-and-out best on the day of your wedding is preparation.

Planning your bridal beauty regime can be challenging. Please don’t fear because we are here to guide you!  From luxurious Skincare rituals to Hair and Makeup, to Eyelash extensions to the best Manicures, we’ve designed the ultimate Bridal beauty prep guide to give you a head start for planning and executing your beauty regimen before you get wed.

6-12 Months Before your wedding


For brides-to-be, your Skincare ritual for your face is an essential part of looking and feeling radiant on your special day, and it’s never too early to begin prepping your skin to achieve the ultimate wedding day glow. Experts recommend that you should jump start your skincare routine at least 6-12 months in advance.

Regular Facials will address any imperfections ahead of time, such as loss of elasticity through ageing, stress and tiredness, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage by tightening your pores, improving circulation, combating dehydrated skin, and enhancing skin cells using a blend of rich in vitamins, peptides and antioxidants product creams, serums and oils.

View all Facials here

Body treatments

Your body skin is no exception. To look radiant on your wedding day, you would need to prepare your skin well in advance. Book yourself a course of Body treatments to rejuvenate your skin, like Mesotherapy, Glycolic Peel, or Endospheres therapy here at Luxury Beauty Room. Each body treatment is a non-invasive skin treatment and is perfectly bespoke around your personal needs and preferences.

Our beauty therapists are equipped and experienced to kick start your Skincare routine, and they can help you plan your skincare around your skin concerns, After all, consistency is vital to rejuvenate your skin and would give you the ultimate glow for your special day.

Learn more about this service here.

3-5 Months Before your wedding

Bridal Makeup and Hair trial

Kick start your Bridal beauty preparation by booking your Bridal hair and Makeup trial at least 3-5 months in advance!  A Bridal hair and Makeup trial will give you the golden opportunity to try out different hair-styles and makeup applications that complement your wedding dress, style and personality.

Our qualified team of hair stylists and makeup artists can create the perfect look that suits your style and personality. We offer Braided crown wedding hair, Full curls for short hair, a French braid updo, Doughnut topknot, Crown braids, Sculpted twists, and many more wedding hairstyles to emphasise your beauty.

Learn more about this service here.

2-3 Months before your wedding


Why not start your bridal beauty preparation with a course of  Waxing treatments at least three months before your wedding day? You’ll achieve a reduced overall growth, and your skin will appear smoother, subtle and have a softer and elegant look by the time your wedding day arrives.

We use premium waxing products, procedures and in salon techniques that will deliver exceptional results. We have a Luxury Beauty Room which is equipped to transform the waxing process into the ultimate pleasurable experience. Whether you’re choosing a facial, body, or intimate hair removal, our trained beauty therapists can help any bride with their beauty essentials before their wedding day!

Learn more about our waxing services here.

6-Weeks before your wedding

Hair Treatments

If you have dry or oily hair it may be a good idea to have regular Hair treatments to re-balance your hair. Your hair treatment regimen may need to start at least six weeks before your wedding day arrives. In that way, your hair would be in top condition on the day of your wedding. Whatever your hair treatment, our hair salon can certainly cater for all your hair treatment needs.

2-4 Weeks before your wedding

Trimming your hair 

Trimming your hair should be done at least  2-4 weeks before your wedding day. Getting your hair trimmed or cut will increase healthier looking hair, perfect for your wedding day!

Check out our hair services here

1-2 Weeks before your wedding

Facial Waxing

Currently, Facial Waxing is the ultimate beauty essential for most brides-to-be to do before their wedding. 1-2 weeks before the big day would be sufficient enough to allow for any redness to calm down.


As opposed to waxing, which can be harsher on the skin, Threading can provide more precise control in shaping and giving the eyebrows more definition. It can also remove unwanted hair on the entire face and upper lip area more gently.  

3-4 Days  before your wedding

Eyelash Extensions

Book an Eyelash extensions appointment roughly 3 to 4 days before your wedding, If you want to achieve a fuller and longer flutter for your wedding day.

48 Hours before your wedding

Manicure and Pedicure

There is nothing like Manicured nails to make a bride feel elegant and beautiful for their big day.  Once you’ve decided which colours and styles suit you, you could choose our Gel manicure treatment one or two days before your wedding to ensure no damage occurs.

Or if you don’t like the idea of Gels, we have different options for you to choose from like Shellac, Artistic, OPI and the Regular Polishes of these brands. 

Your nails would look stunning and would demonstrate a kind of sophistication for all those admiring you on your special day. 

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24 Hours before your wedding


When the bridal beauty prepping is over, you might want to relax with a luxurious massage to relieve any unwelcome tension.

Our Body Massage Treatments are bespoke to individual needs and might be worth exploring since it can help you in ways that you never thought possible. Some of the immediate benefits of our body massage treatments are to alleviate tension, increase blood circulation, improve sleep quality, relieve anxiety and depression, reduce stress and promote feelings of relaxation throughout the entire body, boosts emotion and physical health, stimulates the lymphatic system, detoxification, Increased metabolism and cell metabolism and many more.

Using the finest essential oils, our highly experienced therapists will use hands-on techniques to massage the soft tissue areas of the body including your muscles, tendons, connective tissue and fascia to stimulate the limbic system to help calm down the body and relax the muscles. The healing process begins straight away to enhance your wellbeing!

Learn more here

The Day of Your Wedding

Relax and enjoy your beautiful day knowing that you look gorgeous and elegant, you feel refreshed and revitalised and have a radiant glow!

How do I Book

To kick-start your Bridal Beauty Preparation; you can contact the Luxury Beauty Room’s friendly staff on 0207 631 4991 who will be more than happy to talk you through the bridal beauty services we offer, or we can book you in with a consultation.

Alternatively, you can view our bridal beauty services here, or you can book using the tab below!


Tips To Maintain Healthy Nails

tips to maintain healthy nails

Healthy nails are a prominent cue of beauty. Here you will find important tips on how to take care of your nails.

But the question is, how to maintain healthy nails?

The purpose of this write-up is to guide you on having clean and beautiful nails.

  • Keep your Nail Equipment Sanitised

The first and foremost thing to do is sanitising your tool with a disinfectant, each time before and after using it. Make sure that you keep your tools protected and store them away from humidity and dust.

  • File your Nails in one Direction

Most people file their nails in a back and forth manner, which produces splits and rifts on their nails. This eventually develops cracks on your nails.

So be patient when filing your nails and go for one direction. It may take more of your time, but trust us, the result will be worth it.

  • Avoid Cutting your Cuticles

Don’t cut your cuticles by yourself to avoid open wounds, which can cause infections. Treat them with cuticle oil and/or indicated cream that we can offer you in our salon to make them softer. If cuticle oil is not available, then go for olive oil.

  • Don’t forget to apply a Base coat

Some of you may not know, but using a base coat, if indicated by the brand, prolongs your manicure. Your nails produce natural oils that stop nail polish from sticking well. So, for making your nail polish stick well, you need to wash your hands with soap and dry them thoroughly before applying your favourite colour. Applying base coat prevents nails from staining that results from prolonged use of dark-coloured polish.

That being said, avoid using the top coat as a substitute, as it is heavier and takes more time to dry.

  • Nail Polish should be applied at Moderate Temperatures

The reason is simple. You must allow your nail polish to dry naturally and that is only possible in moderate temperatures. Therefore, applying polish in fresh and dry weather should be preferred. You can dry your nails with a table fan after application. The result will be a beautiful, long-lasting varnish.

  • Cleaning up a Nail Smudge

Never fix small mistakes on your pedicure/manicure using Q-tips, as the cotton fibres will get stuck on your polish. Instead, go for a polish remover pen or a lint-free nail wipe, in case the former is not available. Dip the pen in nail polish remover and carefully wipe out the smudge on the skin before the polish dries.

  • Protect your Nail Polish

If you want a long-lasting manicure or pedicure, then always use tepid water while taking a shower/washing your hair/washing dishes, etc. within the first eight hours. Just remember, hot water, rough work, and nail polish never blend well. Also, don’t forget to wear protective gloves when doing important hand activities.

We believe in motivating people to work on themselves and want people to be the best version of themselves, in every sense of it. Our Professional Nail Technicians offer the best in class Pedicures and Manicures along with bespoke nail treatments, providing you with healthier nails and amazing shape and design.