Makeup Services in London, Fitzrovia
Bespoke makeup for all occasions


Makeup Services in London, FitzroviaLuxury Beauty Room offers bespoke Makeup services for any occasion. Our outstanding makeup artists in London, Fitzrovia, are renowned for their artistic and editorial techniques. We have the methods and tools to create a flawless look for any special occasion or event. We provide Day Makeup, Evening Makeup, Business Makeup, Wedding Makeup, Model Portfolio Makeup and Makeup for Photoshoots using a variety of premium brands that would help you photograph beautifully and would last the entire day.

Bespoke to your style, our makeup artists apply your makeup with elegance, love and flair. We use a variety of makeup tools to correct any imperfections to enhance your look, and we use only the best premium primers, foundations, illuminators, blushes and shades that bring out your beauty and heighten your personality.

In all of our Makeup services listed below, we define your face structure by blending the right tones and illuminators that suit your shape and skin tone. We shape your eyes by coordinating and applying the right eye makeup for your eye shape to enhance your look, and we bespoke our Makeup service according to your makeup preferences, occasions and seasonal trends.

Your experience will be utterly indulgent from the time you arrive in our elegant salon, in London, and you will leave looking flawlessly beautiful with a radiant complexion for any occasion.



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Looking for a natural look or a perfectly polished look? We can create this for you. Using the best natural makeup tones that suit your skin and compliment your hair colour, you would look fresh, have flawless looking skin, contouring and highlighting to compliment your shape, eyes to die for and your makeup would last the entire day.



Look dramatic and striking with our Evening Makeup. Using an array of illuminating metallic tones to compliment your skin and hair colour, we can create a nighttime look that is perfect for your occasion. No more pale looking skin that the evening light can often portrayal, our makeup artists carefully align your skin with the perfect makeup tones which artificial light compliments and which enhance and bring out the makeup that we apply for your evening look. Our Evening Makeup will surely bring out the diva in you!



We create fast and easy to achieve looks based on your preferences. Our Express makeup service is ideal for those in a hurry, but still, want to look fab for their day ahead.



Having flawless makeup to define who you are is the key to sending a strong message out that you are professional, and that people should take you seriously. Whether you're looking for a clean and natural look or a sharp and savvy look, we can create the perfect business look for you! You would look fresh, have flawless looking skin, contoured and highlighted cheekbones that compliment your shape, eyes to die for and your makeup would last the entire day.


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Our head-turning Smoky Eyes makeup look is a sure winner for those that want the wow factor! Using a variety of dark eyeshadow tones to enhance your look, we create anything from a subtle smoky eye to a more dramatic look. This look will compliment your skin tone as well as maximising any outfit and occasion, from having a light lunch to a dinner date!



Similar to Smoky Eyes, but using more illuminating metallic taupe colours to complement the eye colour and shape, as well as smoking out the lash line to help your eye colour pop. Again, this look will compliment your skin tone as well as maximising any outfit and occasion.



Get the perfect feline flick by booking our Cat's Eyes makeup service. This look also comes with artificial lashes to enhance the look of the eye. Cats Eyes also contrast very well with the Smoky Eye too. This look can be alluring and sultry which can work for any occasion and outfit.


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Our Seasonal makeup service is for people who want to be in line with the best makeup trends and makeup colours of the season. We use only the best premium Seasonal makeup to compliment your skin tone and to enhance your shape and face.



If you require a photo shoot, applying your makeup is the easy part but fine-tuning your makeup to look good for photographs, takes great skill and art. We have designed a makeup service purposely for those who need to look good in front of a camera. Lights are a big issue and can quite often give a softer and subtle look, which can cancel out any makeup efforts for your photoshoot.

Using only the best premium makeup applications and editorial techniques, we can accentuate your beauty and help you photograph exquisitely. We also take into consideration the different contexts in which you work, so whether you're working indoors or outdoors, our makeup specialists can create the perfect look for you!


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We offer Wedding makeup that compliments brides, grooms, bridesmaids and guest. We aim to create a look that is beautiful and enduring for both a bride and groom on their big day. We accentuate your features to make you look uniquely exquisite so that you can look radiant on this special occasion.