Threading Service In London
Get a cleaner and defined eyebrow shape the ancient way!


Reap the benefits of our Threading service here at the Luxury Beauty Room in Fitzrovia, London. Threading is an ancient technique empowered by its natural and effective hair removal method to remove the shortest of hairs from the root without damaging the skin surface.

As opposed to waxing, which can be harsher on the skin, threading can provide more precise control in shaping and giving the eyebrows perfect definition. It can also remove unwanted hair on the entire face, including upper lip area gently.

Threading has gained popularity in recent years for removing facial hairs and for shaping and defining the eyebrows. This ancient method to remove unwanted hairs originated in the Middle East and South Asia but has now become mainstream due to its brilliant technique to remove unwanted hair(s).

Our experienced beauty therapists at the Luxury Beauty Room in London are highly trained at Threading and can remove the finest and the shortest of hairs in the facial region, compared to the methods used for waxing or plucking.



Our beauty therapists will first prepare your skin by cleansing the treated area; then they proceed with the hair removal by using an ultra-thin piece of cotton thread, which is doubled and twisted. The cotton thread captures the unwanted hair(s) and is pulled along in a twisting motion, trapping the hair(s) in a mini lasso-style, and removes it from the root. This method is repeated multiple times to remove all of the unwanted hair(s).


✓  Full Face
✓  Upper Lip area
✓  Chin, upper lip and nasal area
✓  The side of the face

Threading is at its core and it’s all about precision. It captures every single hair, and there are no strays left behind. It's ideal for those that have sensitive and delicate skin, and it's kinder and less painful than waxing or plucking.



✓  More Sanitising (nothing but the thread touches the skin)
✓  More precise for shaping and defining eyebrows
✓  Excellent for delicate and sensitive skin (free of chemicals)
✓  Fast Technique
✓  Removes the shortest of hairs at the follicle level
✓  Slows hair regrowth

Try Our Threading Service Today to Reap its Benefits Overall!