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Waxing Salon in LondonOur Waxing Salon in London has some of the best, highly trained waxing therapists from across Europe. We use premium waxing products, procedures and in-salon techniques that will deliver exceptional results. We have a Luxury Beauty Room which is equipped to transform the waxing process into the ultimate pleasurable experience. Whether you’re choosing a facial, body, or intimate hair removal, our trained beauty therapists turn the mundane and boring into the ultimate luxury treat.

The Luxury beauty room's Waxing hair removal service in London offers an array of pain-free and bespoke hot or strip wax treatments for both males and females. So, if you’re looking for that ideal retreat and want to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life, then why not unwind and indulge yourself with our pain-free hot or strip waxing treatments our beauty salon could offer? Who said beauty comes at a price?


Delivering pain-free results every time

Facial waxing salon in central london



While we are lucky to have what mother nature gave us, many of us prefer that smoother, subtle and softer look.

Currently, Facial waxing is the ultimate beauty essential for most ladies and men. Our waxing salon therapists can remove unwanted facial hairs with ease, sensitivity and with notable pain-free results!

Facial waxing service offerings include:

✓  Full Face Wax
✓  Eyebrow Wax
✓  Upper Lip Wax / Chin or Nasal Wax


full body waxing services in central london


Body waxing for ladies comes in an array of waxing treatments and some even bespoke. There are several types of body waxing that we offer in our waxing salon. Combining expertise and techniques, our waxing therapists can make your experience more pleasurable and remove even the shortest of hairs, while being friendly to the skin. Explore our body waxing treatments that suit your style and personality.

Body Waxing Service offerings include:

✓  Classic Bikini Wax: Removal of the visible hair around the bikini line.
✓  Brazilian Bikini Wax: Unlike the Classic Bikini Wax which will leave the modest amount of hair, the Brazilian Bikini Wax leaves you quite bare from front to back, with only a small strip, triangle, square, rectangle, oval or any shape you wish as a piece of hair in the front part of your intimate area.
✓  Hollywood Wax: If you’re looking to go completely bare, from the front, middle and back, then the Hollywood wax treatment would be more for you.
✓  Leg, Arms, Stomach, Chest or Back Waxing:
     ■  Full Leg Wax
     ■  ¾ Leg
     ■  Lower or Upper Leg Wax
     ■  Full Arm Wax
     ■  ¾ Arm
     ■  Half Arm Wax
     ■  Underarm Wax
     ■  Stomach Wax
     ■  Back or Chest Waxing


Men’s Waxing Services in central london


We offer waxing services for the modern man who wants that ultimate grooming effect. A luxury treatment that will leave the skin soft, smooth and rejuvenated. Thanks to our top of the range waxing treatments, men can finally say goodbye to their unwanted hairs.

Men’s Waxing Services include:

✓  Full back or Full Leg Waxing
✓  Chest or shoulders or abdomen Waxing
✓  Full Arm Wax
✓  Half Arm Wax
✓  Underarm Wax
✓  Eyebrow waxing / Nasal or ear waxing